Does he bite? - Or: Why do IPO Sport?

Our dogs (ought to be allowed to) bite. Nevertheless, in everyday life we often find that people do not believe us. After all, the dogs are so friendly; allow themselves to be touched, love to cuddle, always stay relaxed... - people often say incredulously. We are convinced that their behavior is not like this in spite of the sport, but because of it.

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Sport – more fun in a group

We would like to thank our local clubs for their friendly reception, patience and understanding, their company, comradeship, tips and tricks and for always being helpful and supportive:

Hovawartfreunde Coburg e. V.

Verein für Gebrauchshunde (VfG) Neustadt b. Cbg. e. V.

We would like to say a special thank you for the development of our dogs (and us as dog handlers) to:
Franz and Ulli Sinner, Lothar Metzdorf, Thorsten Poppe, Pia Gehrlicher, Gabi Storzer, Nicole Matuszak und Kathrin Paeschke, Sabine Scherer, Matthias Kock, Steffen Hermann and Wolfgang Dill.


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