Puppies of Joschi

  • S litter von der Rumesburg (sold out)
  • C litter von den Isartalern (sold out)

Expected litters

Arranged covers

A constantly updated list of RZV puppies in Germany

Anyone who is looking for Hovawart puppies from certified quality breeders is at the right address at the “Rassezuchtverein für Hovawarte” (RZVH) – the Pedigree Breeders’ Association for Hovawarts. On the Internet, there is a constantly updated list of where in Germany RZV puppies are currently to be found, are for sale, or where litters are expected soon.

RZV list of puppies

A Litter from Amaranth is expected at the end of 2013 at the earliest.

Our designated breeding bitch Bailey vom Drei Ruten Berg has to prove her suitability for breeding first, before she can become a mom. The Breed Suitability Test (BST) at the RZV is comparatively strict and thus quite a hurdle. Nevertheless, we are confident that Bailey will also master this challenge. Should everything work out as we hope, Bailey’s first mating will be possible in fall 2013 at the earliest.


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